Opera launches Touch, a mobile browser aimed at one-handed use

Opera Software today launched a new mobile browser dubbed Touch and upgraded its desktop browser so that the two can better stay in sync.

The Oslo-based browser maker rolled out Opera Touch, an Android application that features one-hand operation and focuses on search, with the latter dominating the screen as users launch Touch.

“The current browsers are not doing their job properly,” argued Maciej Kocemba, an Opera product manager, during an early-Wednesday live-streamed launch event that was made available later as a recording. He then showed how designers had cast the browser’s UI (user interface) so that buttons and functions, including search and tabs, are all within reach of the user’s thumb.

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Chrome’s Canary reveals UI refresh

Google has introduced the first changes to Chrome’s UI (user interface) in two years, focusing on the shape of the browser’s tabs and other top-of-window elements.

Available in “Canary,” the rawest version of the browser, and so far only for Windows, the tweaked UI is hidden behind an experimental setting. To see the UI, users must type chrome://flags in the address bar, then search for UI Layout in the resulting page of optional settings. Once UI Layout has been located, change the setting from “Default” to “Refreshed” and restart the browser.

The most noticeable change currently displayed is to the tabs, which have dispensed with an earlier trapezoidal form for a rectangle with slightly-rounded upper corners. The active tab has also been slightly brightened from a very light gray to a plain white, making that most important tab stand out more than before.

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Microsoft holds up Windows 10 feature upgrade after finding BSOD bug

Microsoft has postponed the release of the next Windows 10 feature upgrade for an unspecified period, saying that, among other things, the code harbored a bug that crippled some personal computers.

“In certain cases, these reliability issues [we discovered] could have led to a higher percentage of (BSOD) on PCs,” wrote Dona Sarkar, the head of Microsoft’s Windows Insider preview program, in a Monday post to a company blog. She was using the acronym for “Blue Screen of Death,” the crash error screen made infamous by Windows.

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Google updates Sheets with macro record features

Google has rolled out updates to Sheets, including the ability to record macros – part of the company’s plan to appeal to more business users with it G Suite cloud product portfolio. 

Macro recording provides a way to automate repetitive tasks within the G Suite spreadsheet tool, potentially saving users hours of duplicated effort.

The macro recorder lets users record actions within Sheets and then play them back without writing code. Once recorded, a macro is automatically converted into an Apps Script – a Google scripting language derived from JavaScript. This can be later edited to update the macro, rather than forcing users to re-record it completely. 

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