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How to use Apple Maps more effectively

While we wait for Apple to implement its promised deep changes to Maps, here is how to use a few of the lesser-known features in the company’s navigation software.

Take control of Maps

I’m going to skip the basic stuff about using Maps. In this short guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Scroll Maps the easy way
  • How to find and add pit stops to an existing route
  • How to export a Map as a PDF
  • How to find the car
  • What Apple Watch is trying to tell you

There are lots of other Maps features. Take a look here and here for other ideas.

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The show must go on!

It’s far away and long ago — so long ago, in fact, that there are still IT trade shows where vendors can show off their wares, says a pilot fish working at just such a show.

“I was on hand to set up a demo machine,” fish says. “The equipment arrived at a loading dock on one floor, but needed placement on a mezzanine area half a flight of stairs down.

“The person in charge of the demo was anxious to load the software and ensure everything was ready. But after moving some of the equipment down a ramp, the folks responsible for moving the 19-inch racks disappeared and were nowhere to be found…for a long time.

“A marketing guy returned from his liquid lunch, and conspired with me — I was, somewhat sadly, naive — to make the exhibitor happier by moving a rack down to the mezzanine.

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from Computerworld News