Why Kubernetes is emerging as a critical enabler of multi-cloud

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See, you just have to ask them the right way

Go-live date for this big application update is now just days away, but it still hasn’t been fully tested, says the pilot fish responsible for the project.

“Part of the preparation is to test the big update’s ability to integrate with payroll,” fish explains. “This, of course, requires cooperation from the Payroll Department. They must set up suitable test data in the primary test environment.

“The big update doesn’t benefit them directly, and they have been highly resistant to assisting with any testing. ‘Too busy, higher priorities’ is what they have been saying for three months.”

Naturally, all the other departments are busy too, but they’ve managed to find time to help fish with testing. And with go-live less than a week out, it’s increasingly clear that the payroll integration test isn’t going to happen at all.

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Microsoft pushing Win10 version 1803 to PCs specifically set to avoid it

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