Tiny robots are exploring history’s most iconic shipwrecks

Underwater explorers no longer need to get their feet wet to uncover some of history’s most notable shipwrecks. Oxygen tanks and flippers are being replaced by underwater robots. Sam Macdonald is the president of Deep Trekker, a Canadian company that makes underwater bots. Since Deep Trekker’s creation in 2010, the company’s robots have become a standard in the aquaculture industry, but, Macdonald says, that wasn’t the original intent. 

“One night I dropped a flashlight off my boat and I started thinking about having an underwater robot that we could do things with including retrieving lost items, but also for exploring all of these ship wrecks,” Macdonald said.

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System76 brings Ubuntu to $699 laptop with Kaby Lake chips

If you’re not interested in Windows 10, System76 has a new Ubuntu laptop with Intel’s Kaby Lake chip that won’t burn your wallet.

The 14-in. Lemur laptop starts at $699, a more affordable price for cost-sensitive users than Dell’s Ubuntu-based XPS 13 Developer Edition, which starts at $949.

“We don’t have any Mac tax or Windows tax that goes into [Lemur],” said Ryan Sipes, community manager at System76.

Despite having a free OS, Dell’s XPS 13 laptop has been criticized for being more expensive than the XPS 13 with Windows 10, which starts at $799.99. The Lemur has many features in common with the XPS 13 DE, though it isn’t as slick-looking.

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In defending Trump, Peter Thiel attacks Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley’s overwhelming support of Hillary Clinton has one bug in it, according to tech billionaire Peter Thiel. With a week until the election, Thiel was in Washington Monday defending Donald Trump and criticizing Silicon Valley for failing to see outside its bubble.

“Where I work in Silicon Valley, people are doing just great,” said Thiel, at a National Press Club event Monday. However, he said, “Most Americans haven’t been part of that prosperity.

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Dell/EMC, SnapRoute reinforce OpenSwitch networking features

Looking to broaden the qualities of its open source stack, the OpenSwitch project said SnapRoute and Dell EMC will add new features to its network operating system.

Specifically, the new contributions include:

  • SnapRoute’s open source network stack and management services, which support a modular, hardware independent NOS, accessible through a complete set of APIs.
  • Dell EMC’s OS10 Open Edition, which represents an open, disaggregated base subsystem incorporating hardware and platform abstraction layers for networking switching applications. On top of OS 10 base module run application modules which include traditional Layer 2/3 networking functions and other IP, fabric, security, and management and automation tools from Dell, Linux, third-parties and the open source community.

“OpenSwitch is now one step closer to providing the data center community with an open source network operating system that enables organizations to focus on developing innovative networking solutions, which can exploit Cavium’s extensible switch architecture to address rapidly changing market needs,” said Albert Fishman, Linux Foundation OpenSwitch project marketing chair and senior technical marketing manager of Cavium Switching Platform Group.

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Mozilla plans to rejuvenate Firefox in 2017

Mozilla last week named its next-generation browser engine project and said it would introduce the new technology to Firefox next year.

Dubbed Quantum, the new engine will include several components from Servo, the browser rendering engine that Mozilla has sponsored, and been working on, since 2013. Written with Rust, Servo was envisioned as a replacement for Firefox’s long-standing Gecko engine. Both Servo and Rust originated at Mozilla’s research group.

“Project Quantum is about developing a next-generation engine that will meet the demands of tomorrow’s web by taking full advantage of all the processing power in your modern devices,” said David Bryant, the head of Firefox engineering, in a piece published Thursday on Medium.

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New ARM GPU could bring VR to low-cost smartphones by 2018

Today, a robust, VR-capable smartphone could cost you more than $500. But a new GPU from ARM could make VR a default feature in low-cost handsets by 2018.

ARM’s Mali-G51 GPU is targeted toward budget smartphones and has the horsepower to handle VR applications. It can bring VR to mainstream handsets priced around $200.

Today, 4K and virtual reality are mostly limited to high-end handsets like Samsung’s Galaxy S7, which allows users to hook up to a VR headset to roam virtual worlds.

Google’s DayDream VR system will initially come to some high-end smartphones, but ARM’s Mali G-51 could bring that technology to low-end handsets. DayDream requires handsets to include specific features to be VR compatible.

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