Was enough Stem funding announced in the autumn statement?

The IT industry is facing a growing skills gap, so what does it think about the announcement of the Department for Education’s budget during the 2015 spending review and autumn statement?

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U-boat defences deployed to bring broadband to Orkney Islands

A series of causeways built to protect ships at anchor from German U-boats are being pressed into use to bring fibre-optic cables to remote parts of the Orkney Islands

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Watch out, bosses. Cyber Monday sales distractions hit

While many bosses may be worrying (rightfully so) that Cyber Monday is slowing down employee productivity, their concerns should extend beyond today.

Online shoppers this holiday season were expected to do some significant buying on the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is generally one of the biggest shopping days of the year. About 121 million Americans are expected to shop online today, also known as Cyber Monday, according to a survey by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

While that’s a significant number, it’s a decline from the 126.9 million Cyber Monday shoppers in last year’s survey. A total of 4,281 consumers participated in the survey conducted over the weekend.

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U.S. proves to be a stronghold for Windows 10

Windows 10 usage in the U.S. is about 24% higher than worldwide, U.S. government statistics show.

Windows 10’s October share of all Windows editions was 10.9%, according to the Digital Analytics Program (DAP), which collects and collates visits to more than 4,000 websites on over 400 different domains maintained by U.S. government agencies, including the National Weather Service, the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration.

That was significantly higher — 24% higher, in fact — than the global metric produced by U.S. analytics vendor Net Applications for the same period. Earlier this month, Net Applications’ data showed that Windows 10 powered approximately 8.8% of all Windows PCs worldwide during October.

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Imagination hopes Creator board will woo IoT developers to its MIPS platform

Chip maker Imagination Technologies is readying a new development board to help hardware designers connect smart devices to the Internet.

The Creator Ci40 is intended for use in smart home hubs, robots and other connected devices and its main advantage for Internet-of-Things applications, according to Imagination, is how connected it is.

Its array of network interfaces include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE (also known as Bluetooth Smart), IEEE 802.15.4 (the physical layer underlying Zigbee) and 6LoWPAN (IPv6 over low-power wireless personal-area network). To make things even easier, Imagination is offering to ship the Creator with a pair of Clicker battery-powered 6LoWPAN boards and three Click sensor modules from MikroElektronika to round out the development platform.

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